About Us

Nutri Shed Supplement Lab has just released a super all natural powerhouse supplement! Recommended highly by top ranked doctors and nutritionist though out the US. Nutri Shed is a non GMO 100% natural, Food based, free from gluten, dairy & nut dietary supplement. This all natural supplement will help quickly and healthily shed away any pounds that may have accumulated during these trying times of COVID. Not only limited to it's weight loss abilities. Nutri Shed also contains ingredients that help support regulating blood sugar levels, decreasing high blood pressure and boosting the immune system. Just to name a few. With a leading testimony from certified nutritionist and founder Charles Hill. First to take the supplement back in fall of 2018. Charles has lost to date (2021) a total of 143lbs. Reversing high cholesterol, diabetes and hypertension. His story is only one out of 1000s. The only hope is to now shed the light of this great product onto the world. 

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